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Oh July!

If you know us, you know we're always busy. Regardless of the time of year it's the same non stop hustle to get orders shipped and new pieces designed. We heard somewhere that staring at a far horizon is a great stress reducing tool. Well this is as far as it gets. Seriously, just 15 or 20 minutes at the beach works for us. And it's only a five minute walk. We are suuuuuper cheap dates. 

We're also right by the boardwalk where we can see stuff like this whenever we want. How could all this stuff not make it's way into our artwork?? 

Way back when the two of us got together we started collecting Jersey Shore stuff. We still have some seashells and souvenirs that we bought after our prom down in Wildwood, NJ. We love those crazy tacky boardwalk discount shops that sell beach towels, suntan lotion, hermit crabs, and pretty much anything and everything really. But you can always find like one or two things that actually have a classic vintagey seashore vibe. Like thos…

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